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Friday, 20 July 2012 06:28
Create Personalized Colors
With our experienced color artists, we create beautiful finishes that will bring harmony and style to where a piece of furniture or an item is placed. Visit our Color Studio to see various finishes and workout color finishes side by side with our color artists. Click here
Matching Colors
If you like a type of color from a magazine, from a photograph, a panel board or a wet sample, we will take the hustle. Our trained color technicians will take care of the job so you will have the finish you really desire. Click here
Coating Problems Trouble Shooting
If you are tired of solving paint problems on site and you are not sure how to fix it, we can provide solutions that will not only solve the problem but eliminates the problem.
Click here
Product Application Training
We want to make sure that our products are applied correctly so that our customers can appreciate the total performance of the product purchased from us. The training can add more knowledge to the paint applicators and make them more confident when applying our paints on site with or without the presence of the project owner. Click here
High Gloss/Glass Finish Training
Combining the right products, correct application, suitable tools and technique, high gloss finish is made easy. Customers can request for an in-house training for their finishing people to acquire knowledge required in dealing with painted
High Gloss Finish. Click here

We not only offer best-in-class coating materials to our clients but also with a solid custom-made technical support.

With our established network in Asia and in the U.S where Sherwin-Williams Facilities are located, we can provide our customers the access to more advanced coating systems.....

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